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Baby Brag Book

Okay…. so it is 13 years later that I started to make a baby brag book album for Hui Xian. 😉 I have just a few precious collection as most of them were lost in our years of travels =( and some in corrupted hard discs. We were given an estimated of US$1000-1500 to repair each hard disc and we have 2! I’ll have to work doubly hard to sell my designs in order to do that! 😛

I’ve been busy working on several albums; a baby brag book for Hui Xian, a travel album and a wedding. Below are 3 layouts of Hui Xian. These are in 6″x4″, easy to print with your home printer but I am sending them over to Shutterfly to get a hard cover album done.

This was Hui Xian barely a month old. She has a full head of hair and slept through the night. Taking care of her was a breeze but of course we had our traditional confinement lady who took care of her bathing and cleaning up during the day. Hui Xian was a good baby. Our Hong Kong neighbors didn’t realized we had a baby in the house until they saw her months later.

Journaling reads,
“You were barely a year old when we visited my grandmother. The flight from Singapore with Pelangi Air in a small Fokker 28 was an unnerving experience for me but you took it like a pro. Everyone was so happy to see you but you were more interested to pull the curtain down. You were such a cutie then and even your dress matched my aunt’s bedroom.”

This layout brought back a lot of memories of her playing ‘masak-masak’ with her teapot set. She would play for hours and love serving us. However it had to be either apple or orange juice and sometimes for da-da, cold coffee. She wouldn’t want just plain water! I miss this toddler stage but then again I wouldn’t want to be stuck changing diapers ever! That is another story to be told…..

Layouts from Sweetest Gal Brag Book at Scrapbook-Elements.com.
Thanks for reading.


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Greetings ladies,
Introducing 2 news sets added to the store since Sunday.

ABC Alphas Set:


In My Garden-Blue Series 12″x12″ Quick Page Set B:

Below are sample layouts using the newest kits:


For more layouts using In My Garden- Blue Series, please visit my gallery here.
Thanks for looking. 🙂

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Greetings Ladies,
Introducing my latest Sweetest Gal Collection for your girly pages or albums.

Below are direct links to each product with information and prices:
Sweetest Gal Page Set
Sweetest Gal Elements Pack
Sweetest Gal Paper Pack

Sweetest Gal 12″x12″ Quick Page Set
Sweetest Gal Album Set
Sweetest Gal Brag Book

My Cardboard Alphas Set is perfect to use with this collection.

Sample Layouts:

For more layouts using this collection, please visit Sweetest Gal Gallery.

Thanks for reading.
Alice 🙂

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Simone, Hui Xian’s friend invited us to her school play titled ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ in Sri Pinang Auditorium in Penang last Wednesday. Hui Xian has been excited to see her friends (Simone, the Hensons, Scott, Ross, Aaron, Ben, Yosa, etc… Hui Xian is trying to give me the list of names she knows!) in the school play because she had heard so much about it. What choice has we, as parents got? Saving us from further ear ache, I joined her that evening and met the Hensons (thanks Ida for the parcel) and Nani with her beautiful kids.

I think the kids were better behaved then Hui Xian! She was so excited, she pointed to me everyone she knew on stage! Grrr…. I had to tell her to shush when Jenny sang the opening song, ‘The Prayer’. She was GOOD. Aside from some hiccups getting the show up and running, I think Hui Xian’s friends were very talented. The Henson’s played lead roles and Simone seemed to glide into the stage and filled it with her beautiful presence. My brat sitting next to me were ooh-ooohh-aaahhh at how pretty Simone and Jenny were. LOL I swear I heard her telling me that Simone was doing a kissing scene with Jon (the lead actor)! Duh… either we had a wire crossed somewhere or it was Hui Xian’s way to make me join her, I don’t know … BUT there wasn’t any such act. Certainly not in any Malaysian school play! Another actor to contend with was Scott. His exaggerated accent and comical acting had the audiences laughing till the end. Kudos to all these talented actors and thanks for the invite.

Not forgetting the two girls who were watching the play from the front pew.

I used Sweetest Gal 12″x12″ Quick Page Set and the title from my Cardboard Alphas Set.

I hope to create more layouts with photos I took of the play soon.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Back to School Sales!

Now that school is beginning, it’s time for more scrapping! Scrapbook-Elements.com is having a 25% off almost all items in store.

Come check out my STORE and enjoy the 25% off items on sales there.
Sales starts Saturday, August 18th through Wednesday, August 22nd USA Central Time.
See you there!

Alice 🙂

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Greetings Ladies….. I’m so behind on my new products updates because we had guests for the past 3 weeks and had been bringing them all over Malaysia and neighboring countries. Went to a school play of Hui Xian’s friends, had more meetings with friends and only manage to sit down and trying to get everything in gear today.

The products below have been added to Scrapbook-Elements store last Sunday.
Sweetest Gal Page Set:

A separate set for Sweetest Gal Paper Set can be found here.

Cardboard Alphas Set:

Here are some layouts done using these two kits above:
Sweetheart by Alice Koh:

Makeup Fun by Kirstiegai:

For more layouts using my latest Sweetest Gal Page Set, please visit my Gallery.
Thanks for looking.

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Fashion No-No!

Just because the US dollar is bigger than the Malaysian Ringgit, doesn’t mean that you are going to buy everything you feast your eyes on! 🙂 This is true in the case of Lian who came to visit us from San Francisco! The guys ran away when they spotted you eyeing on the clothes stalls. So we got stuck with you but it didn’t mean that we are going to let you buy just about everything! 0_o

The prices of clothes are so cheap. You only pay less than USD1.50 for a nice pair of shorts, USD3.00 for a spaghetti strap T… the piles get higher but the sooner we saw you picked on a gaudy piece, Hui Xian will immediately pull it away! LOL Then we started picking the ‘right’ style for you and it was hilarious because we were so loud and persuasive!

Hui Xian was so worried you were going to buy her clothes after she saw your choices! She loudly said, “…and you said you are going to buy me clothes!” with the funny look of horror on her face. At the end, I picked the clothes for Hui Xian and even managed to convince you to buy two dresses which you normally wouldn’t wear.

It was a really fun day. We took all our shopping bags to the house and had a little fashion show. More shopping to come when we head to Kuala Lumpur this Sunday.

Layout credits:
I used Surviving Teenagehood Page Set and So Chic Alphas Set.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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