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These are two new layouts I did yesterday and today:

Layout showing the kids (Johnathan and his sister, Eliana and friend, Sabina) enjoying the ice cream treats at Baskin-Robbins one afternoon after the church service. We were invited for lunch with quite a huge group of people and afterwards treated to ice cream for desserts. It was fun watching the kids eating and chatting away and they were really enjoying having their photos taken.

One Perfect Afternoon:

If you have my sister-in-law and hubby together on the same table, it is a riot! They teased and tricked each other non-stop and I haven’t laughed so much as when these two are together. It’s amazing how close they are even after several years of not meeting one another. This is just one of our prefect afternoons having my SIL for a visit.

Both layouts are from my ‘Coffee with Oma’ Quick Page Set available at SBE Store. For more information, please click here.


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Yep.. when I showed Hui Xian my new layout and asked her for a title, she said ‘Embarrassing Parents’! This is my journal entry to her:
“It was your 13th birthday and you wanted McDonald’s for lunch. Granting your wishes as we always do and being proud and happy parents that our little girl is now a full fledge TEENAGER, we don’t understand why you would be so embarrassed when we told everyone it was your birthday! After all, you made sure to tell your friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles, including us just how much you have been waiting for this special day. You have started counting the days to your birthday after Christmas and I got to hear it EVERY DAY. So we are so, so proud of you that we just have to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to you so the whole world would know. We love you, so
here’s more kisses and cuddles. xoxo”

I wonder why she still wasn’t happy after all the song and kisses we gave her?! 😛  LOL

I used my ‘Always in My Heart‘ Page Set and
Tracey Monette’s Painted Notebook Alpha.

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We wanted Lois to experience the charm of the old British Colonial so we brought her to this Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. It is located in a beautiful colonial building which was built in 1885 and had survived wars and tsunami. The back of this hotel faces the sea and the shore line of the mainland is clearly visible. I love the ambiance of this place with its rattan chair on the porch and coconut trees dancing to the swirls of the wind.

We decided it is the best place for Lois to experience the local and international cuisine. There were a lot of first times for this young lady. Her first visit to Penang and stepping into an old restored colonial building. She ate oyster for the first time and said it ‘tasted like sea’! She had her first BBQ Tiger Prawns, ate it but didn’t quite like the chili topping. Had Japanese sushi with chopsticks… okay, we told her she can use her fork! LOL Most of all she loved the chocolate fountain! The girls had big strawberries coated with thick chocolate and ate to their hearts’ content. Lois loved the desserts but in between she found out she hasn’t had enough of the pasta, so we encourage her to have some more – which she did!

While our Hui Xian had given up long time ago, Lois was still enjoying her food and it was so nice to watch her! I couldn’t believe where this girl stored all the food she consume and we teased her about it. In between, the strollers came and sang for her and towards the end of the evening, the restaurant manager and hotel chef presented her a plate of dessert with ‘Welcome to Penang’ written on the it. I think we have made Lois happy because not only had she finished the whole plate she went for more chocolate dessert! LOL   So Lois, I hope you have had a wonderful time with us in this lovely hotel and I can still recall with fondest memory your word, “Oh.. I’m so full but I still want to eat the pasta!”

I used my ‘Coffee with Oma’ 12″x12″ Quick Page Set.

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Introducing my latest quick page sets in store at Scrapbook-Elements.

Coffee with Oma‘ Quick Page:

Country Charm‘ Quick Page

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That’s my Opa

I’m designing this layout for my father-in-law. He is going to be really proud that we scrap this page for him. It’s a newspaper clipping of him attending the official opening of the world’s largest furniture exhibition held every year in Cologne, Germany. He has been attending this exhibition for the past 41 years! Seen in this layout is Hui Xian showing Curl, our cat where her Opa is. Poor cat has no choice but to look! LOL

I am using Ake Pangestuti’s Pop It Frame Template and my ‘Girlfriends‘ Page Set.

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I’m finally able to scrap a bit more of our Easter celebration with the girls since I stayed home to accompany our daughter. She finally succumbed to cough and flu and we decided DH should go ahead and fly to Hong Kong alone. He’s back home now and happy to be with his crazy family with our dog jumping like a bunny all over him and our cat demanding the same attention! LOL I should have attached a pair of bunny ears on Tobie this Easter!

Anyway, this is my layout for today:

We decided to visit Eastern & Oriental Hotel again since Lois (DD’s friend) love the rustic, colonial atmosphere of the building. The girls loved the buffet dinner there because of the chocolate fountain and found out they had Easter eggs and icing bunnies on the dessert section. So it was a done deal for them to hang around with the ‘old folks’. Hui Xian went straight to the fresh seafood corner for some oysters and found this Easter bunny ice sculpture staring right at her. What a girl to do? She kissed it on it’s nose! LOL

The girls loved the icing decorations on the desserts. When they asked if they could eat them, the chefs told them they were purely decorative items, so they gave him puppy dog frowns but I came to his rescue. At the end, they should have taken them because when we checked again the next time, the bunny icing were gone!

You can get the basket and hanging frames as a promotion gift when you send me a layout using my selected design products. Please visit SBE Forum or my previous blog entry for more details.

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CoffeeBean Girls

I call them the Coffee Bean Girls. I think in the 7 weeks that Lois was with us, they have spent tons of money on latte and vanilla shake not forgetting the many breakfasts we had at these outlets in Malaysia.

Here in this layout, the girls were at their frequent join in Gurney Plaza, Penang. When Hui Xian took a look at this layout, she said I should have called it ‘Gay Dude’ (no offense intended) because the manager of that particular outlet was always hitting out on poor hubby. Luckily we took it all in our strides and I even jokingly warned him to stay clear of hubby as he is married and if he keeps batting his eyes at him, he’ll have to answer to me! LOL

I used my recent ‘Coffee with Oma‘ Page Set for this. It is going to be one of the 4 sets of quick page templates that will be in store this coming Sunday, April 22nd.

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