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Introducing my latest design in Scrapbook-Elements.com store – Bows & Frames Set 1.
Bows & Frames Set 1 consisted of 7 detachable bows, 2 fixed on bows with frames and 4 cut out cardboard frames. Each element has been digitally enhanced to make it 3D and realistic looking. Each element is also saved in PNG format with 300dpi resolution.

Here’s a preview of this kit:

Below is a layout using Bows & Frames Set 1:

You will find the story to this layout by clicking Not Another Rescue!

Other credits:
Surviving Teenagehood Page Set and Country Charm Alphas Set.
Thanks for looking.
Have a nice week. πŸ™‚


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Announcing the arrival of a kit for all mothers with teenage daughters! LOL Surviving Teenagehood is a jumble of mix & match backgrounds and elements, exactly things you would find in my 13 year old daughter’s wardrobe and drawers. She’s at the stage where she still likes girly things and at the same time wants to look different. I designed this kit to represent her stage of growth into teenage hood. You will find in this page set 7 backgrounds, 4 frames made of colored braided strings and sequins, clips, notepad, and various elements for your layouts. Each element is individually saved and in 300dpi resolution for quality printing.

Surviving Teenagehood Page Set:

Complementing this kit and any layouts that need a chic and fancy alphas is my latest “So Chic Alphas Set“.

So Chic Alphas Set consisted of uppercase and lowercase letter, numerals and 20 standard symbols. The chequered alpha has a tiny silver rim around it. Included in this set is also a small silver ring in matt finish so you could use it for alphabet charm. Each alphabet, number and/or symbol is saved individually in PNG format , 300 dpi resolution.

Here’s a layout I have done using the new kits above:
01) Stop!

Layout credits:
Surviving Teenagehood Page Set
So Chic Alphas Set

Thanks for looking!
Have a good start of the week. πŸ™‚

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Not Another Rescue!

What are with these animals and us? As if last week bird rescue and eventual death isn’t enough, DH brought home at midnight a bunny! Yeap… a brown bunny he caught in the middle of the road with a help of a passing motorist. Took them about 30 minutes to corner this baby. DH was afraid little bunny will get knocked down by a car or much worst, caught by someone and make a meal out of it! <EEK!>

What a commotion when he came back. We had to first make sure Tobie and Curl were out of the way and then brought the cage up to our balcony at the back. This cage has seen so many rescued creatures – cats, dogs, bird and now a bunny! Hui Xian fell in love with it immediately and it was her who prepared the bedding and water. Thank goodness we decided to go out for dinner because my lettuce and carrot were munched with gusto by this bunny.

In the late morning, we drove to a house we knew has a rabbit hutch. No one was in. Although there were cabbages in the hutch we weren’t happy with the greenish water container and how exposed it is to the midday sun or heavy rain. One of the bunny looked like ours but we were reluctant to give it back if that’s its owner. We drove to another street and by chance stopped a man with his family and asked if he knew anyone who is missing a pet. What luck! Both his kids got excited and pointed to us their neighbor girl who has been missing her pet bunny for 3 days. To make sure, we asked her mom to describe the bunny – she said it is koko and white, which is the right coloring. Her daughter has been crying for 3 days missing her bunny and the family looked everywhere to no avail. She was so happy when she saw her pet back. We brought along our cage and sold it to her mom for US$5.00 (just as a symbol) because we found out they didn’t have a cage for their bunny.

After lunch and shopping for dinner tonight, we bought an extra packet of carrots, drove to the house again and DH, like a papa bunny made sure they have the cage under the shade, rags and clean water have been added. It’s a great relive for us to find the owner and a responsible one too so we know this bunny will be well taken care of. We’ll drive by the house with the rabbit hutch tonight and see if the owner is in. I wonder what they will think to see a bunch of strangers calling at their house about their rabbits.

Made a layout for our little bunny:

Alphas from Country Charm Alphas Set
Cardboard frame not available in store yet (next week)
Others are elements and fabrics from Surviving Teenagehood available in SBE Store this Sunday, July 22nd.

Thanks for looking,
Have a great weekend!

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When we found Birdie on the walkway of the mall we decided to take it home and took the responsibility to care for him. That meant a 24 hours round the clock feeding because he was just a nestling. There was no avian veterinarian here and searches through the local sites failed to give me any information at all except for one person who suggested he looked like a baby Asian Black Glossing Starling. This name is alien to me because I could only identify a few local birds by their names. With this information I search through the internet and after a series of failed attempts, found this great site : Starling Talk with detailed information and forum support to help this bird.

The members there helped me confirmed the identity of this bird by posting photos of several bird species. We were worried about his splayed legs and I had information how to treat it. Feeding formula was given and he took it very well, gaining strength and eventually able to practice perching on my fingers and we even looked for a right sized tree branch for him. We took out our big animal cage for him so he could be saved from all predators, our curious cat and dog included. The balcony doors was shut close so Curl and Tobie won’t get near him. Curl wasn’t too happy about it because it was his nappy place in the afternoon but some pampering and attention, he was happily sleeping in the bedroom. πŸ˜‰ Somehow, someone forgot to close the door to the balcony and the next thing we heard was a shrieking bird! Curl had him in his mouth! DH was quick and quietly persuaded Curl to release the bird. Luckily from previous experience, Curl isn’t much of a hunter and Birdie was saved without a scratch!

We went looking for plastic netting afterwards to wrap the cage. It was a tedious job because we needed to secure every point so the birdie won’t hurt himself when he learn how to fly.

DH said it didn’t have to be a work of art πŸ˜› because I was stitching the edges with thread! I stopped when it was getting dark and planned to continue the next day. Birdie was kept inside there and I had two pots of ferns and flower inside the cage to make it looking as natural as possible.

During his 3:00am feeding, I brought him to the bedroom and for the first time, he opened his mouth willingly for me! What a proud mummy I was because for days I have been coaxing him to do exactly that. Birdie seemed to always struggle with his food. He will regurgitate after his meal and was a concern for me. I tried giving him drier and wetter food mixture but to no improvements. He had been eating fairly well and I was going to buy some bird feed as suggested by a member the next day. Anyway, after his feed, we practiced perching on my finger and I was amazed how well he had adjusted to me. Suddenly he regurgitated and as I looked on thinking he will swallow it back, he didn’t. He twisted his body and I tried to get the food out but he laid lifeless in my hand. I kept stroking him, hoping I could bring back air into his lungs when he opened his eyes and seemed to look at me and say good bye. Birdie died.

The hands that held him, fed him and now holding a lifeless form – the guilt and the grieve I felt, the image of him struggling are imprinted in my heart and mind. I didn’t know who I was crying for? My husband and Hui Xian had a small funeral for him in our garden, I didn’t attend. I simply can’t. It was later on in the late evening when I visited his tiny grave, lighted up by a tea light. It gave me some comfort. I miss this little birdie. I have missed a trip with the family because we decided someone needs to stay back for him. I had neglected my design work and slept very little the last week to care for this bird. I complained about worrying too much for this birdie but if I could have him still alive, I will do it all over again – just to see him take flight and be free. Indeed he is free today, free to fly across the rainbow bridge and frolics with his brothers and sisters.

While making the layout for him, the dam just burst again. I can’t believe how much he has meant to me the short time he was here. The bird calls outside remind me each and everyday of him. We have now a couple of birds nesting on our mango tree, I seem to see more birds flying behind the house like never before- all this because Birdie had opened my eyes to the beauty of nature I only had a passing interest before. I told my husband I don’t want to help any other helpless creatures anymore, that I will close my eyes to their plights because when they die in our hands, my heart just breaks to pieces. But we both know, we will continue to rescue, provide comfort and love to any animals or humans that need our compassion. It is our nature. Like Rod Stewart’s song…. ‘to love some and to lose some, then to never love at all.’

My tribute to Birdie:

Layout credits:
Country Charm Page Set.

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Greetings ladies… last week we had my Girlfriends Page Set as kit used for our Create It! Collect It! Quick Page Challenge. Below is a slide show showing what we have collected:

If you can’t view it, please visit our Quick Page Gallery at Scrapbook-Elements.

This week, our challenge is using my Coffee with Oma Page Set.

Everyone who participates in this Quick Page challenge will receive all the quick pages created by other participants. The collection will be sent out approximately one week after the end of the challenge. For more information and guideline, please visit Create It! Collect It! Forum.

I’m looking forward to see what you can come up with this set. Have fun scrapping. If you need assistance how to save a quick page, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Alice πŸ™‚

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Greetings ladies,
If you enjoy working with templates, this is the perfect challenge for you. This week I am sponsoring a template challenge for our new Hooked on Template Challenge at Scrapbook-Elements. You will find below preview of my template free for your use:

Use this template with any SBE products and post it in our gallery by midnight Saturday, July 21, 2007 EST. You will receive a posting gift template with samples of my new kit Surviving Teenagehood coming to store Sunday, July 22.

For more information and template download, please go to Hooked on Templates Week 2.
Have fun and hope to see your layouts this week!
Alice πŸ™‚

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… by being there in the right place at the right time! o_0
Happened last Saturday when we drove to the shopping mall to see the orchids exhibition. Walking on the concrete pathway leading to the entrance, we spotted a fledging on the floor. It has fallen from its nest a storey up on an advertisement board. I saw the parents perched above looking helplessly. According to what I know, it’s best to leave the fledging alone when it’s learning how to fly and its parents will be there to coax it to take wings. We carried the fledging to a corner under the shadow because it was exposed to the blazing hot sun.

2 hours later, we went back to the spot and found this fledging looking lifeless. Do we let nature takes it course and leave this poor little baby alone to its fate which looked pretty dimmed? Should we intervene and rescue this creature and give it a chance at survival? We debated about it and like our many previous animal rescues, we simply have not the heart to leave it there. It was with trepidations and relief at the same time when we took the fledging home. We have no idea how to care of such a tiny creature!

I scoured for information on the internet and found several local sites with promising forums. I registered and started asking questions. Of the many that I seek help, one told me it was an Asian Glossy Black Starling and provided no other assistance. One member even ‘advised’ me to ask forum members for help. I wonder what he thought I was doing there in the first place! The other looked super grand with amazing detailed information and I wrote to the administrator. The reply I received made me thinking why I asked in the first place. This person said it might be a Javan Myna and told me to send accounts of my rescue at a later date so he could have it in his site! How mind-blogging coming from a supposedly nature preserved site! All he thinks about is filling up his site. I wonder if he ever read and understand what he has posted. Feeling more discouraged, I did what I could from the little information I got elsewhere and feed this nestling (yes… it’s actually still a nestling barely 2 weeks old and cannot fly yet) soaked up cat food.

It was a tiring schedule of every 2 hours feeding intervals but I had taken the option to rescue this bird and must follow whatever necessary steps I need in order to bring it back to health. On the 2nd day, it was already looking better. The family was supposed to go to Kuala Lumpur but now it wasn’t possible anymore unless I bring this bird along, which was really not an option. In the end, I stayed back, a little disappointed but we all agree it was the best way. ‘Birdie’ (Hui Xian calls him that) conditions improved and he looks more active. It’s Day 4 and although I still have to open its mouth to feed him, I saw him later pecking on my fern and preening his feathers. I take it as a good sign. Later on that day, I found a wonderful site about starling and registered at the forum there. It’s not local by the way. I’ve lost faith in anything locally written. =( With great relief, members started offering help, the articles were very informative with detailed explanation of caring for this bird species. I even have a home-made feeding formula which involves cat/dog food. Starlings are omnivores yet close to being insectivores, and they require high amount of animal protein in their diets which cat/dog food contains. It seems incredulous but Birdie is taking it well. The forum members are so supportive and I found out I have to look into the splayed legs – a condition which need treatment. Disheartening but at least there is proper information on how to go about it. Thus far, I’ve been given valuable advises which I will follow through tomorrow.

Birdie looks so adorable and has become a great part of my day … and night… the constant feeding and lack of sleep makes me feel like a walking zombie. DH tried to help with the feeding but his thumbs are too big and made a mess πŸ˜‰ Despite the additional knowledge that he has splayed legs, he is so beautiful and alert. I have been photographing this baby and made these 2-pager layouts for him:

Baby Starling:

Handle with Care:

I used Country Charm, Country Charm 12″x12″ Quick Page Set and Country Charm Alpha Set.
All these are my designs available at Scrapbook-Elements.com.

Thanks for reading. If you have any tips about raising a starling, please drop me a comment.

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