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Happy Birthday Kirstie!

Kirstie, a friend and creative team member celebrates her birthday yesterday (Saturday) and they had a Halloween theme party complete with pumpkins, severed hands, spiders, ghosts,… well she turned her party room into a really cool Halloween extravaganza and everyone turned up in such fun costumes 🙂 I’m sure she’s going to scrap layouts of her party soon and they are going to be really spectacular because she had taken some awesome photos of everyone, her wicked self included.

Here’s a photo of her birthday cake:

And here’s a card I made for her:

I scraplift Leda’s ‘The Little Things‘ layout.
Spooklicious Page Set
Kinderland-Craft – paper curls
Sparkly Stars Frame2

Happy Birthday Kirstie. Your party had been a blast!!!!


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Ad Inspiration Challenge

One of the styles I like to scrap is the straight forward advertisement kind of layout. I haven’t been doing that for months and it felt like a clean, breeze of fresh air when Julie Kelley started this Ad Inspiration Challenge in Scrapbook-Elements forum. We need to use at least a kit with the layout so I chose my new Denise Evelyn Page Set.

Here’s my layout for the challenge:

Photos are of Jonathan jumping into the lake in Langkawi.
Join the challenge and receive a posting bonus from Julie. This challenge ends 31st of October.

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Introducing a design series dedicated to my wonderful web friend and creative member – Danesa.

Denise Evelyn Page Set:

Denise Evelyn Paper Pack:

Denise Evelyn Alpha Set 1:

Denise Evelyn Alpha Set 2:

Denise Evelyn Alpha Set 3:

Denise Evelyn Alpha Set 4:

And now a sample of Denise Evelyn Products:

To download this freebie, click HERE.
Type password: denisevelyn when prompted.


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Ladies… Scrapbook-Elements.com is have a 25% off selected items on sales from this Saturday Oct 13 to Wednesday Oct 17, US Central Time. Come get your goodies in my store and pick from the selection of wedding themes to boys and girls kits.

Click here to visit my products on sales. This link will be disabled once sales period if over. Have fun shopping!

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Kinderland Series

Greetings ladies…. 🙂 I’m highlighting some of the layouts that has been created by scrappers, myself included using two of my Kinderland series:

Kinderland – Scribbles:

Kinderland – Craft:

Below are layouts using these kits above. Clicking on the thumbnails will bring you to their galleries:



For more layouts using these Kinderland series, please visit Kinderland-Scribbles Gallery.
Thanks for looking!

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L’il Snuffles

DH left for a meeting last Sunday and a few minutes later he called. Said there was something for both of us! He came back with a very wet kitten, shivering and appeared to be in a shock. He didn’t have time to tell us what happened and drove away immediately for his meeting. Hui Xian and I wrapped this tiny kitten in an old towel and I cuddled it for body warmth because it was a cold day having rained non-stop for the past couple of days. As soon as it was warmed up, this kitten still refused to eat. I was worried- having lost a very sick rescued kitten a few months back, I didn’t want this helpless little one to have the same fate. 😦

I reckoned the best I could do is to keep the kitten warm until it settled down. When DH came back he told us what happened. He was driving out to the main road when he spotted 2 kittens in the middle of the road. Since it was raining, he almost didn’t see it and risked running them over. When he went out to investigate, he found one of the kittens already dead and the other one in shocked. He picked the kitten and brought it struggling back to the car. We don’t believe the kittens had wandered out into the busy road and especially not in a heavy rain. Someone must have thrown them there. It was surely a death sentence for both if not for DH timely arrival. It was too bad that the other kitten had to die.

Hui Xian gave us two names – Snuffles or RoadKill! o_0 As if we have a choice there! LOL I took to mothering the kitten. I think it’s about one month old. We went to the pet shop and bought milk formula and bottle since it refused to eat any solid food. It took well to the milk and that meant waking up every 4 hours to bottle feed it. We also bought a pack of cat litter but somehow during a quick cleaning up, DH must have thrown the pack away. We had to buy a new one the next day! LOL I introduced it to soaked cat food a few days later and everything seemed alright until Friday when he started to get diarrhea. Boy oh boy… talk about cleaning poo. Suffice to say Hui Xian had been so helpful and we managed to get him cleaned up plus some scratches on my hands. We had to wait for our vet to come back from his field trip so it was late afternoon when he saw the poor kitten. Injection and some medication, Snuffles had it bad until the medicine started working. I was worried. Bundled him up in a makeshift diaper and wrapped in an old towel, I cuddled him as he slept. By 5:00am he woke up and I brought him to his litter box. The diarrhea has finally stopped! Phew! What a relief. I put him back in his cage and went for my much needed sleep.

The next day, it was like a brand new kitty! Ate a great helping of food as if so starved and running everywhere like a bullet train. One minute it was next to me, the next we had to hunt him down for fear he will scratch the furniture or worst… poo on the carpets! Today exactly 8 days from the tiny, wet kitten, Snuffles has grown bigger with a round stomach and a confidence of a ‘Giant’. He thinks attacking our dog, Tobie is fun and irritating Curl, our cat is playing dangerously. Thank goodness our furry babies accepted him in the family. He is so attached to DH, preferring to sleep next to him rather than anyone of us. Guess… he knows his rescuer. DH who always complains that he comes in last after our furry babies now will carry this kitty into his office and placed a baby blanket on his desk so Snuffles could sleep there while he works. Then when DH goes to bed for a rest or watching TV, Snuffles will join him there. We are told to be quiet and make sure I draw the curtain shut so this little monster could sleep in a dark. Wonder who’s SPOILING the cat NOW!

Here’s a look of Snuffles today. He thinks attacking my aloe vera plant is fun. My ferns are in a mess because of him. Oh well…

I used my new Kinderland- Craft and Cardboard Alphas – Color.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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