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Lois just came back from a motorcycle tour with her dad and his troupe and posted photos of their journey. They started their journey from Bacolod City towards the mountains and ended up in the middle of the flower parade in Dumaguete, Philippines. The Flower Festival photos are so beautiful and I can’t resist using them for a scarp challenge with Misty Cato’s ‘Do something UNHEARD of this Blue Moon‘. Well…. I did something unusual- I took the photos of somebody’s photo gallery without getting her approval first! I did ask but it takes too long for her to answer me! LOL Then I scrap using circles – everything is round or have at least some curves to it. It’s totally different from my usual scrapping style. I came up with this titled:

Flower Festival

I used my ‘Girlfriends Page Set‘ and ‘Girlfriends Add-On Pack
Photos from Lois (Joice) photo gallery

Come participate in the challenge. You’ll receive a really nice mini pack from Misty.


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Below are the previews of my products on sales today. Click on each to go directly to store. The link will expires after midnight EST.

Come join us in our forum challenges and chat. There are lots of goodies to be won.

Happy Scrapping!

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We’re having a blast in our ONCE IN A BLUE MOON Sales and challenges. I just participated in Kim Higueria’s Dreamer Challenge and posted this layout:

Title: Sleeping Styles

I used my latest kit ‘In My Garden-Doodles‘, ‘Always in My Heart Alpha Sets‘, and ‘Doggy Tales‘ to scrap this page.

You’ll get a really cool gift from her when you post your layout and send the link to the said challenge in the forum. If you are not a member at Scrapbook-Elements Forum, just register and wait for the administrator to activate your account. It may take a short while or longer depending on the time you register. This manual activation is done to curb the amount of spams the site has. Posting gift will be given via private message. Date line for this challenge is 12 midnight EST Saturday June 2nd. Be there and check out the goodies!

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Somethings only happen ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!
Check out what the designers at Scrapbook-Elements have been doing these past few weeks to celebrate this ‘ONCE in a BLUE MOON’ sales.

The Blue Moon Sales will run all 4 days of our Blue Moon Event beginning May 30th at 12:01 am through June 2nd at midnight (US Central Time).
My Products on Sales for these 4 days will be:
01) Always In My Heart Page Set
02) In My Garden Page Set
03) Girlfriends Page Set
04) Country Charm Page Set
05) Remembrance Page Set
These product links above will be valid throughout the 4 days sales and discontinue afterwards.

There are many goodies to be won. Join our challenges and chats to win prizes. I am sponsoring a chat with Kim Hollibone (KimLizzy). Will let you know the schedules soon. Meanwhile… click HERE and see you at Scrapbook-Elements!

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Greetings ladies,
I’m looking for several scrappers for my Creative Team Members. If you like my designs and feel you could work with them, do send me an e-mail with all the details provided below:

My e-mail is AliceKohDesigns@gmail.com
Please add subject title: CT Application
and a link to your gallery. This ad will run for 2 weeks and allow me a few days to response to your mail.
Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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Location: Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Perak.
Group: Hui Xian, her dad and I with Hui Xian’s friend, Lois and the Henson family

We arrived at the Lake Resort before the Hensons did. The girls were ooh-aahing at the landscape because we had to take a drive uphill before going downhill to the park. It’s rather a unique entrance I must have and quite impressive. We had an overview of the entire resort and lake and it was huge.

However, the reception and information were poor and we had to struggle our way through back and forth – DH gave a piece of his mind because we were limited to 5 entrance and exit passes and the ticket sales for certain rides were outside the ticketing booth! Music was blaring, locker only has a one-time usage and most visitors were in their pants and T-shirts although there was a sign asking everyone to be in the swimwear attire! Amidst all these, the Hensons arrived and the teens forgot everything that was unpleasant and were running everywhere in the park having a fun time.

I’ve started making 2 layouts for this album using my latest ‘Water Park Page Set’ designed with this trip in mind. More will come pretty soon because I have tons of photos to scrap.

This giant slide is a loop that allows you to go up and down until momentum and gravity pulls you to a standstill. In this layout, Hui Xian had so much fun and her excited screams were heard from afar. She did this slide twice and on the third round, before the life guard could push her float down, she stopped him and jumped out. She later told me she had a quick look down the slope, had a panic attack and just couldn’t go through it!

The teens had to wait their turn in this ‘Balloon’ game. Poor Jon was refused entry because he had a zipper in his short. I argued that other kids were allowed in full outdoor clothing even though the regulations prohibit that but the life guard wouldn’t budge. He says nobody goes in the pool with zippers under his watch. Jon didn’t want to spoil the gang’s fun so we leave it like that. Later on I saw a fully clothed man in there but the life guard was gone, replaced by a different one. Flexible procedure? BS! Anyway, as soon as the teens went for it, Luis was the first one to grab the rope and was up at the top within seconds. The rest struggled and dropped into the water a few times and Hui Xian was the second one up when she got Joe to pull the rope tight for her. Afterwards those that managed to get up made it extremely difficult for the rest to climb because they shook the rope and swung it side to side. It was hilarious to watch them splashing down and gulping water! I made sure I was at the safe distance with my camera.

There will be more layouts to come when I have the free time to make them.

I used Water Park Page Set

Thanks for reading!

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Introducing my latest designs just added to Scrapbook-Elements.com store.
01) Waterpark Page Set

We brought our daughter, Hui Xian to the Water Theme Park with her friends and it is just a matter of time that I would design this kit to scrap her photos with. I took lots of wonderful photos of the kids having so much fun and so far, I have done 2 layouts. Will add them to the gallery sometime tomorrow. If you are interested to see the details of this page set, please visit Waterpark Page Set.

02) In My Garden -Doodles

When I designed this kit, I started with one butterfly and like what I saw. This is a freehand sketch with lots of funky frames, butterflies and flowers. If you like what you see here, you can visit In My Garden -Doodles in my SBE store.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to see layouts using these kit.

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