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1st BFFL Meet

My daughter disagreed with me that this isn’t her 1st BFFL Meet because prior to that she met another BFFL from Indonesia. I had to tell her it’s her 1st meeting with this BFFL from the Philippines! 0_o Lois or Joice as some friends call her announced 5 months ago that she would be visiting Penang, Malaysia with her dad and asked if we will be around to meet her. Hui Xian (my daughter) of course said YES, she would make sure we are here and since then both girls have been anxiously waiting for the DAY.

A few days prior to Lois’ arrival, Hui Xian talked non-stop, counting the hours and minute when she will meet her BFFL- that’s stands for ‘Best Friends For Life’ which she made sure we remember! LOL We went to the airport early and did a detour to the landing strips. The moment hubby spotted the Cathay Pacific Airlines Lois was in, she started jumping up and now as if her BFFL could see her! She hurried her dad so we can arrive at the airport before her friend go through customs! We had to warn her to behave and sit quietly.

1st BFFL Meet

Lois and her dad took ages to come out. Found out later her dad wanted to cruise the duty-free shops. Don’t think Hui Xian appreciate that because she was constantly on the look out for her BFFL and was pretty frustrated. However the moment arrived when they spotted each other. Both ran to each other, hugged and continued chatting where they had stopped the night before. It’s uncanny how much alike they look and since then both girls are non-stop chatting and planning their daily activities. Lois is going to spend a month with us and so far the girls have taken tons of photos together.

This layout is done using:
ribbons & tags from Always in My Heart Page Set ;
papers from Always in My Heart Paper Set ;
heart and flower brads from  Girly Stuffs Collection – Giggles .


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Always in My Heart page set is for the little darlings that hold a big portion of your heart. Perfect for use with your little girl or teenager. Include in this set are 10 12”x12” papers of flower motifs and plain backgrounds; 3 cute paper flowers; 1 frame with love wordings, 1 square frame with heart attached; 1 metallic-studded heart-shaped frame; pretty-colored flower paperclips; a tag with a heart attached so you can write something special there; ribbons and labels of various sweet colors; a divider with a semi-transparent heart chain; to complement every design you want for that special someone. This is a great kit to start an album with. 2 easy page sets of this kit are sold separately.

Close up views of the elements:

To purchase this set, please visit: SBE STORE
Thank you.

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8.5×11 Quick Page

My designs are finally up in SBE STORE

Here are samples of the 8.5×11 Quick Page template for ‘Always in My Heart’ series.

Sample layout:

Easy to use quick pages. All you need to do is place your photos under the layout layer and send it for printing.
Don’t forget to sign up for SBE Newsletter as there is a sample kit from my ‘Always in My Heart’ series.

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You’re 13 today!

It’s my daughter, Hui Xian 13th birthday today. This birthday has been very much anticipated and talked about so much that my ears are still ringing. She said, “I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment when I can call myself a teenager.”

She is very happy today, she wants a “JUNK DAY” for her birthday meaning we… that means her dad and I will have to eat nothing but chips, chocolates, candies, marshmallows and thanks to my sister, big giant-size lollipops! We’ve been shopping for her birthday and gooey-sticky chocolate brownies with a big 13 written on it. There is going to be marshmallows on the sticks and nachos topped with lots of cheese for dinner among many others junk! We’re already decorated her room, her dad fixed colorful, blinking lights across her bedroom and there is a big sign “Happy 13 Birthday Teenager” on her wall. There is also a big table filled to the bottom with presents from relatives all over the world (lucky her) and chips and junk food!

I made this layout for her today. It’s from my kit on sales on the SBE store this coming Sunday titled “Always in My Heart” page set.

You're 13

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This is G-R-E-A-T news I received this morning. After re-saving all my work because of my mistake and another dreadgy long hours of uploading them, I am finally on the way to have my work published in the store this Sunday! Here are sample previews of what will be in store —>

Design: Mystical Page Set

Design: Always in My Heart Page Set

Design: Always in My Heart Paper Set

Design: Always in My Heart 8.5 x 11 Quick Pages

Design: Always in My Heart 12×12 Quick Pages

Design: Always in My Heart Alpha Set

Design: Doggy Tales

All designs are created in 300dpi resolutions good for quality printing. There will be sample layouts using these kits coming up soon so please make sure you head to Scrapbook-Elements.com this Sunday for my launch and also sign up for February Newsletter for a free sample of my “Always in My Heart” kit.

See you around and Happy Scrapping!

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Trials of a new designer

I am excited beyond anything when I was accepted as a digital scrapbook designer. The last time I wrote designer under occupation was years ago when I was an Interior Designer. I told husband I have come a full circle in my career choices… (maybe for now as one never know when things might change) because when I studied Interior Designing, my real interest was actually Graphics! Since then I have worked in many fields and experienced so many things.

Working online making digital graphics allows me the freedom to be with my family yet still able to earn some money hopefully 😛 It’s yet to been seen as this is going to be my first time but I am confident. I guess it is more important that I am doing something I really enjoy and with the freedom to design in my own style. Travelling with my husband to various countries in the world doesn’t allow me to have a permanent job; it’s always something here and a bit there though I am not complaining on the travel part. Okay… maybe some.

So with great trepidation, I await Sunni’s approval of my first batch of designs. I went on panic overdrive when I saw the documentation I had to do. I proudly told husband I can do this alone but after spending the night on last minute designs and amendments, reading and reading till the letters are blurred yet wondering if I am doing the right thing, trying to figure out some foreign words in the computer internet world, it was 6:00am and I was stuck. I could have asked husband for help hours ago but now I had to wait till he wakes up and have his morning caffeine intake. So I went to sleep thinking I will wake up when husband does.

Actually not! LOL I woke up panicked at 9:30am and immediately asked him for help. How can he easily solved what I was cracking my head for hours earlier?! Arrgghh!!! My independence day just have to wait another day! As soon as he managed to get my files uploaded, the internet connection went bust! This is mostly a typical day in Northern Malaysia – poor internet connection although we had subscribed the best. Husband had to struggle with them in their call centre but eventually gave up and called the head department. It stressed me up this daily struggle with incompetency. I had a deadline to meet but no way of getting anywhere close to it. Finally with snail pace I managed to get all the files uploaded – all in more than 7 hours.

When I went out for dinner I could barely stay awake but it was a relief that I can put a check on my to-do list. Send a recipe with photos to my sister-in-law and then I shut off my computer. Had one evening drink with husband which ended up until 3:00am! I slept like a baby afterwards.

Sunni and John at Scrapbook-Elements are so patience and helpful with my constant questioning. I made a stupid file saving mistake which baffled her and because of our time difference there was no way I could get it solved immediately. Husband was away on business and after going through my Photoshop Training CDs I still can’t figure out where I went wrong! I pounced on him the moment he came back :::hee… hee… ::: and although he knows nothing of Photoshop and what goes on in digital scrapbooking, he figured out the problem immediately! What I will have to do to pay for this favor! LOL
I’ve been so occupied with getting my designs in the store, I made hamburgers tonight without lettuce, onion, eggs… only cucumber salad because it was easy to do. Daughter helped me but I guess we both were absent – she was chatting about her day. When we sat down to dinner, husband had his burger on the toast and he went … “Where are the rest?” OMIGOD!!! I had really forgotten about that! Daughter cheekily said she sees more of my computer and my head these days. Sigh… I should be more organized now since I had got everything right. I think!

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